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Introvert Dating Success Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Today we're talking with Jon Pethke, inventor of the dating app Coy Amore, which is designed to help introverts find love!

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Aug 24, 2023

New LIVE shows every Tuesday @ 5pm PST. Today we'll be going over why men should date at a slower pace than the woman he's trying to get with, and 15 ways to do this ethically so she falls for you faster!

New Book, "Stop Losing Women," Available on Friday, September 1!

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Aug 17, 2023

NEW live shows every Tuesday at 3:30pm PST @

On today's show, we're talking about whether or not ALL women feel the need to test the men they date, and why or why not it's a necessary thing for them to do. Plus, I'll be answering your questions LIVE in the chat!

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Aug 12, 2023

NEW live shows every Tuesday at 3:30pm PST @

So many men are on dating apps today... and aren't getting matches or dates. Could it be women? Or could it be that your dating app pictures and bio are setting you up for failure? Today, we'll deep dive into words and phrases men use...